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MapSymb Logo Liphook Historical Wargames - Austerlitz
A large scale wargame of the battle of Austerlitz played with toy soldiers.

The pictures below were taken at the Austerlitz Mega-Game that was put on by the Liphook Historical Wargames group on 12 February 2006 at the Millenium Hall, in Liphook. If you click on the thumbnails, you will get an 800 x 600 enlargement. We all owe a wonderful day's gaming to Trevor Maroney who organised the whole thing (again!).

We used some "FATE" cards during the game to add a little more for the Commanders to think about. One of these was given out each turn to the Commander to hand out as he saw fit. The card only affected one unit and most only lasted for a single turn - but at the crucial point in the battle they might make a real difference... A sample set of the cards are given below - the exact mix of cards was varied from game to game, but most were "HALT", "DOUBLE", "MORALE", "LUCKY" and "UNLUCKY".


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