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MapSymb Logo San Splendido
San Splendido is a fictional South American "Banana Republic".

Contents What is San Splendido?

San Splendido is a fictional South American "Banana Republic" intended for use as a background information setting for a series of wargames. It was first used in June 1987.

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What use is it to me?

The background has been developed over a number of years in order to provide some depth to wargames set in this genre. It has allowed recreational and educational games to be played without the need to spend too much time detailing the background, and allowing the designer to spend more time on the specific scenario itself. Besides - it's free.

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Disclaimer and Conditions of Use

The information provided in here is entirely fictional. No offence is intended to anyone by the descriptions of personalities, events or motivations in this resource. The country and people described are intended for use in educational and recreational wargames, and the characteristics they portray owe more to the cinema's view of this genre, than any basis of reality. Any similarity with any person, place, or thing, is not only coincidental, but also totally ludicrous. The information provided in this resource is provided free, on the condition that the above statement is accepted as a fact and is legally binding. Any and all of this information may be amended by any users for their personal use, provided no profit shall be made from it.

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Do you have any examples?

All are included for free download.

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What's New?

If you have any bright ideas, e-mail me.

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Where do I go now?

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