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MapSymb Logo San Splendido's Armed Forces
Details of the Organisation and Deployment of San Splendido's Armed Forces

Contents The Organisation of the Armed Forces

The Chain of Command.

The President
The Defence Ministry
The Commander in Chief

The 5 Military Divisions:

The Regular Division:

The Support Division:

The Militia Division:

The Coastal Force:

The Air Force:

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Detailed Unit Organisation

The Tank Battalion "El Presidente":

The Mechanised Battalion "El Primo":

The Regular Battalions "Aruba" (Air-Mobile) and "Benin":

The Combat Support Battalion:

The Service Support Battalion:

The Railway Battalion (Drawings of the Railway Battalion Page 1 and Page 2):

The Militia Battalions:

The Coastal Force:

The Air Force:

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The Military Budget

The Military Budget (Billions of Pesos):

Pay and Allowances (incl Pensions) 5
Purchase/Replacement of Equipment 1
Maintenance (Fuel, Ammo, Spares) 3
Administration, Travel and Training 1
Total 10

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The Uniforms of the Armed Forces

A number of felt-tip sketches were made by a visiting press reporter at the Parade to celebrate the inauguration of the new President. Copies of these can been seen on the Uniform page. The total size of the page is about 150k.

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Commander in Chief: Army General Esteban Vasquez
Commander of the Regular Division: General Ricardo Oscar Roca
Commander of the Support Division: General Alfredo Anaya
Commander of the Militia Division: General Luigi Martine
Commander of the Coastal Force: Commander Don Corleone de Benzoni
Commander of the Air Force: Colonel Jose Gabon
Army Chief of Staff: Colonel Leonado Xan

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The Threat to San Splendido

Costa Mosquito:


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