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Tom Mouat's NATO Military Map Marking Symbols as TrueType Fonts, and other Military related Resources.


Info Pic Introduction. MapSymbs are the official British Army approved military map marking symbol fonts. For information about Tom Mouat click this link. Site Map Pic Site Map. This page has a graphical view of this Website's layout and is useful if you want to jump straight to the place you want to go.
Map Symbol MapSymbs News. MapSymbs News and What's New page. Includes articles and other downloads. Map Symbol App-6a / Mil Std 2525B Symbols. The military map marking symbols as embeddable TrueType Fonts. Current Version is V3.2. Check What's New. Or try the MapSymbs Info page.
Map Symbol Old App-6 Symbols. The military map marking symbols as embeddable TrueType Fonts. Current Version is V4.4. MLRS Pic Other Fonts. These include NATO Equipment, former Soviet Equipment, Modern Aircraft, WW2 Tanks, etc. Includes Modern Ships, including all of the Royal Navy. Updated with Type 45-2.
Apps Pic Applications. This has a number of useful military applications. Guestbook Pic Guestbook. Please feel free to provide comments and suggestions here.
Links Pic Links. Links to other related sites, including the US DoD Symbology site. Flag Pic War Games. Nothing to do with MapSymbs fonts at all, but who cares? Stuff about San Slendido, Matrix Games, and others...
Tom Mouat's MapSymbs Fonts are registered with Microsoft with the "MAPS" Unique Vendor ID (Click Here)
Please note that the conditions for the Freeware Distribution of my fonts have changed (as at 07 Mar 04).

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